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Projection Mapped Stage Design

This project from 2009 was for a Daft Punk Tribute band out of Athens, GA called Very Disco. It’s a live ride through the group’s dance inducing electronic sound that uses keyboards, Auto-tuned vocals, live remixing and DJing to touch on the entire Daft Punk catalog. And, of course, there’s an elaborate stage show designed by Integrated Visions Productions that mimics the group’s signature psychedelic light display.

For this stage design, Integrated Visions used a single projector from the FOH position to projection map 4 custom screens surrounding the band.  Since this design was for a tour of House of Blues venues, the load-in for each show needed to be fast.  IVP’s two person crew had the show set up within 2 hours of unloading the truck at each venue.  Integrated Visions also created all of the custom content for the show.   For certain parts of the show, IVP set up a wireless midi system allowing the band to trigger the visuals from the stage.