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In Fall of 2015, Integrated Visions was commissioned by the world-famous Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, GA to create a large-scale projection mapped installation in their central atrium. Focusing on a large curved stone wall above the Aquarium’s café, the installation is intended to entertain guests traveling between exhibits, as well to provide a cutting-edge display surface for the facility’s in-house and sponsored messaging.

The capstone of this installation is an adorable vignette created by Integrated Visions featuring one of the Aquarium’s animated penguin mascots, George Waddlesworth. Playing roughly every 30 minutes throughout the day, this piece, which follows George through a series of impossible stunts and trompe l’oeil illusions, delighted guests and staff alike.

Integrated Visions chose to use two of the newly developed Christie Boxer 4k30 projectors to cover the massive surface with projection. These phenomenally bright 30,000 lumen projectors were converged pixel-to-pixel across the entire projection area to create an ultra-bright image with vibrant detail and crisp 4k resolution. To drive this display, Integrated Visions worked with the Aquarium’s staff to expand and upgrade the in-house media playback system by Watch-Out.

The Georgia Aquarium