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Video Projection Mapping

When the IVP team stumbled across the Public Art Fund produced exhibit, ‘Sol LeWitt Structures 1965-2006′ in Manhattan’s City Hall Park this summer, the sculptures seemed tailor made for creative videomapping, and we knew we had the right tool to make the experiment possible.

We set about taking the pictures we’d need to create digital templates of the structures that most intrigued us as potential projection surfaces, and arranged to use ProjectionMan, a mobile protection rig developed by our collaborators National Media Services and BlueBlast Media.

On June 26, 2011, the content was ready and we hit the park with the ProjectionMan crew from NMS. We had prepared content for three of the iconic sculptures, and spent about 15 minutes fine tuning the templates prior to projecting for about 30 minutes on each structure.

The results were fantastic, causing these unique structures to interact and inform the surrounding urban landscape completely anew.