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Video Mapping, Stage Design, Video Production

Integrated Visions Productions provided video mapping, stage design and video production services for Red Bull’s EmSee Battle 2010. IVP’s role went far beyond developing visual branding. For this emcee battle, contestants must create rhymes in response to cues from the video displays. IVP created all of the motion graphics and video content for the show. In addition, IVP programmed a system to trigger over 100 video cues that were an integral part of the performance.

For each of the eight shows of the tour, Integrated Visions created a unique stage designthat incorporated multiple projection screens so that the audience, contestants, judges and film crew all had clear views of the screens. Integrated Visions supplemented the main projection screens with architecturally video mapped elements taking advantage of the unique architecture of each venue. For part of the show, IVP designed a system to integrate SMS messages sent from the audience’s mobile phones into the projections. In order to perfect the timing of this round, IVP developed a system to allow the host to wirelessly trigger video cues from the stage. During the headliner’sperformance, IVP mixed beat synched hip-hop themed visuals on the projection screens and other video mapped areas throughout each venue. Red Bull’s EmSee battle tour was endorsed by Eminem and Interscope Records. The tour also featured performances by Eminem.

“Almost a year ago I asked Brian Knott, Dres ThaBeatnik & Bryan Dodson of IVP to ride with me on a new concept called Red Bull EmSee. This week we completed the 1st national tour of. Eminem! Despite the craziness along the way, my gratitude to each of them is immeasurable. Thank you for bring this dream to life!” —Janet Smith, Red Bull