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In November 2014 Integrated Visions was invited by 3_Search curators Leo Kuelbs and John Ensor Parker to participate in a large-scale projection mapping exhibition for the first ever New York Festival of Lights which took place in the Dumbo area of Brooklyn.  The exhibition revisited the immense facade of the Manhattan Bridge, the site of a previous 3_Search exhibition in which Integrated Visions also took part.  Artists from around the world participated in the landmark festival in Brooklyn, drawing enormous crowds and completely transforming the surrounding landscape with light, color, and vibrant imagery.  The piece by Integrated Visions, “Drift”, is inspired by Japanese woodcut patterns that slowly come together to create a living scene for the viewer, a painted glimpse into nature’s beauty that blooms into being and then fades away just as gently as time slips softly by to the end.

New York Festival of Lights