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In May 2014 in Brooklyn, NY, Integrated Visions participated in an AxcessArt group artist showcase curated by Vanessa Fernandez and Jerry Gomez.  The show included two collaborative works by Integrated Visions’ Bryan Dodson and Michelle Penland Dodson. Both works explore the universal structures and patterns that permeate the universe. One piece, from their “Fluid Consciousness” series, uses video projection projected onto meticulously cutout shapes painted on polyester film. The other is an immersive installation utilizing a corner and two walls. The piece utilized shot footage of paint dripping combined with animations based on sacred geometry. The installation was inspired by artists such as Yayoi Kusama, James Turrell, and William Kentridge.

VIMEO :: https://vimeo.com/96148133

“In Bloom” Axcess Art Exhibition