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Artists’ Statement

Each painting in the Fluid Consciousness series is a cosmogony symbolizing the creation of the universe and everything in it. The paintings represent the harmonic balance of order and chaos that permeates the universe. The same forces that create the curling patterns of clouds and smoke, the dendritic branching of trees and veins, and the infinite complexity of coastlines and mountain ranges shape the fractal details in their paintings. Like clouds and wood grain, the abstract organic fractal shapes in the Fluid Consciousness paintings inspire the human imagination to find familiar forms of all kinds. Combining the traditional art materials of pigment on canvas with cutting edge digital projections, Bryan and Michelle Dodson have developed a new medium capable of creating a magical viewing experience. Like the world’s first artist who used the flickering light from a torch to illuminate their work, adding a sense of motion that animated their painted creatures, the Dodsons use video mapped projected animations to add a sense of mystery and wonder, bringing to their abstract paintings to life for the viewer.