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Video Projection Mapping

Travel in Pink is an annual black tie breast cancer fundraiser sponsored by Delta Airlines. In 2010, Travel in Pink was held in the hanger at the Delta Heritage Museum. For this event, Integrated Visions Productions produced a video mapped projection show on the Spirit of Delta, a retired 767 that is housed in a hanger at the museum. Using 4 projectors, IVP mapped video onto both sides of the plane, creating a dynamic center piece for the high class party.

This project presented IVP with several unique challenges. Working with a limited budget and short deadline, IVP designed a projection system that allowed them to cover both sides of the plane using only 4 projectors. Each projector was rigged on top of a 10′ truss in the corners of the hanger. The configuration and placement of the projectors were not ideal for projection mapping, but for numerous reasons it was the only configuration that worked for this event. Integrated Visions overcame numerous challenging problems to create a dynamic video mapped show that helped make the 2010 Travel in Pink a fundraiser nobody will soon forget .