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3 Locations / 1 Night in NYC

In April, 2011, Integrated Visions Productions management team moved to New York, and added Brian Blessinger to the team as a senior producer and VP of sales and marketing. In the following months, the company, inspired by these changes, embarked on a groundbreaking series of videomapping projects in New York.

On April 17, 2011, Integrated Visions Productions and National Media Services set out to challenge the view of large scale video mapping projects as permit-heavy, location specific events. Utilizing a 20,000 lumens Christie Roadster projector placed in a Sprinter van, the team videomapped 3 buildings in one night, totally guerrilla (i.e., without permits or permissions). Starting with one large building in Bushwick, Brooklyn and then hitting two buildings in Manhattan’s SoHo shopping district, the IVP/NMS team set up the projector and adapted the custom template to each building within 20 minutes of arrival. IVP created a single narrative and then customized it to fit the peculiarities of each building, ultimately projecting at each location for a minimum of 30 minutes.

This project is a world’s first; to date, no other group has videomapped multiple buildings in a single market on the same night. In the US, there are virtually no examples of guerilla videomapping at all.