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Meet The Team

Michelle Dodson Artist, Animation Director

As cofounder of IVP, artist, and animation director, Michelle works hands-on in the artistic process and leads teams of artists and animators to produce animated content, but she also has a hand in the technical aspects of projects as well. As a fine artist rooted in painting and drawing, Michelle works with Bryan to create work that has been shown extensively both domestically and internationally.

Bryan Dodson Artist, Technical Director

Also a cofounder of IVP, Bryan also performs many roles. As technical director, Bryan leads the design of the technical infrastructure for most IVP projects. For many projects, Bryan also works with the the animation team as an animator and a director. Like Michelle, Bryan’s roots are in painting and drawing. Their collaborative artwork has been shown alongside art world legends such as Bill Viola, Gary Hill and Brian Eno.

Bob Payne Project Manager

Bob carries an extremely diverse background in many areas of production coupled with a similarly robust background in sales, communication, and public speaking. All these talents are brought together in his role as a central communicator and manager for IVP. There is almost no production discipline that Bob hasn’t been involved in professionally at some point, allowing him to manage very diverse teams with extreme efficiency.

“Imagine you are Leonardo da Vinci and you are living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn because of course, as an art hipster, where else would you live – Florence and Milan are just so finito. And what would you be doing – you would be experimenting with the newest, most exciting public art form of the day – video projection mapping.” – Lisa Seidenberg – An article about Integrated Visions.