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Integrated Visions Productions combines a fine art training and sensibility with a ground up understanding of cutting edge technology to create immersive projection mapped installations and artworks.

Projection Mapping

projection mappingProjection Mapping is an exciting new projection technique that can turn almost any surface into a dynamic video display. Specialized software is used to warp and mask the projected image to make it fit perfectly on surfaces of all shapes and sizes. Multiple projectors can be tiled and blended together to create displays at any scale. Projection mapping almost magically makes structures appear to transform right before your eyes.

Public Art

public artIVP produces public art projects of all sizes both indoor and outdoor. IVP’s award winning public art piece “Time Divides” covered 33,000 sq ft of the Manhattan Bridge anchorage and archway with projection mapped imagery. That piece was also chosen to be shown at the Kunsthalle Museum of Contemporary Art in Detroit. IVP founders Bryan and Michelle Dodson received their undergraduate education in painting and drawing and have devoted their lives to the visual arts.

Integrated Production Design

integrated production servicesWhen all of the elements of a production work together smoothly, the result can be absolutely spellbinding. IVP offers integrated lighting, scenic, and projection design to ensure that all elements support each other to achieve the most effective result possible. From innovative projection and lighting designs for venues and events to full-scale staging and execution, Integrated Visions utilizes cutting-edge technology to bring clients’ dreams to life in ways that exceed any possible expectations.

Permanent Installations

permanent installationsIn addition to live event production, Integrated Visions also creates permanent projection and lighting installations to enhance architecture and interior design. Installations by IVP have been written up in numerous national publications, including Live Design and PLSN, and can be seen in locations ranging from premiere Manhattan nightclubs and hotels to restaurants in Dubai. Whether designing an immersive dance floor or creating the perfect accent to an architectural masterpiece, Integrated Visions brings artistic vision and precise focus to all projects.