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About Us


Our Philosophy

“Art throws off the covers that hide the expressiveness of experienced things; it quickens us from the slackness of routine and enables us to forget ourselves by finding ourselves in the delight of experiencing the world about us in it’s varied qualities and forms. It intercepts every shade of expressiveness found in objects and orders them in a new experience of life.”

- John Dewey

Our Mission

Whether we are working on a self directed project or collaborating with someone to bring their vision to life, our goal is to create an unforgettable experience by integrating art with state of the art projection and lighting technology.

Throughout history, avant-garde artists have always migrated to the newest techniques and mediums to express their ideas. During the Renaissance, the new technique of perspective, invented by Brunelleschi, made paintings come to life almost magically. We believe that video projection mapping could be considered the perspective of our time. We believe this powerful new technique allows artists to connect with their audience in a magical way.

Our Skills

Integrated Visions Productions combines a fine art training and sensibility with a ground up understanding of cutting edge technology to create immersive installations and artworks. Integrated Visions was one of the first artist teams in the United States to execute a large-scale architecturally projection mapped piece and has become recognized as a leader in the field. Since its founding, IVP has provided projection mapping services for a wide range of high profile projects including a major motion picture, public art installations, theatrical productions, music festivals, advertising events, and concert tours.

“New needs need new techniques. And the modern artists have found new ways and new means of making their statements. Each age finds its own technique.” – Jackson Pollock